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Top part-time jobs for students in Malaysia

Posted by | July 2, 2015 | Career, Job Search

Via The Malaysia Insider : Whether it’s for extra cash so you can afford those shoes you’ve been eyeing or just to scrape by paying the rent each month, many students take up part-time jobs for a variety of different reasons. Juggling a part-time job with your studies is no easy feat but should you manage to survive all that, you’ll definitely come out on the winning side.

Besides the money, taking up a part-time job as a student lets you learn skills that will come in handy when you eventually enter the working world. It is also the only time where screwing up doesn’t end that badly for you so it’s an opportunity to learn the ropes before you start working full-time after graduating. If not for the money, do it for the experience.

As a student, your options might be limited due to qualifications but the choices you have are still many. Here are some suggestions that are quite popular among students recently:

1. Freelancer

One of the more flexible options for part-time jobs, being a freelancer allows you to work at your own pace. Jobs may vary greatly, ranging from proofreading, design, tech support, writing, you name it! However, rates may vary and work may be inconsistent depending on how much effort you put into looking for work.

2. Retail

Working in retail is also an option you can consider. Be it tech stuff, clothes, shoes or books, you can match the selected outlet to cater to your tastes. That way, you might even get have some fun while slogging to pay the bills. As an added bonus, some outlets even offer employee discounts!

3. Promoter

Being a promoter for products or services is quite a popular student job. Go to the nearest department store and walk around. We’re pretty sure you’ll spot quite the number of individuals giving out free samples of a product or urging you to try the latest flavour of instant noodles. Perhaps the latest season of clothes came in

Doing promotional work like this is convenient as it usually involves work for only a few days. The amount of money you can get depends entirely on how much you are willing to work so you have the privilege of flexibility.

4. Food services

Ah, the good old food service industry. From waiting the tables, to operating the cashier, to cleaning the place after hours, the food service industry remains a tried and true way of getting extra cash. However, depending on your qualifications and prior work experience, the scope of establishments that might hire you may vary. If you are fresh out of high school, it is less likely that more prestigious eateries will hire you, compared to regular fast food establishments. You are usually required to work in shifts so you can schedule your work hours so they don’t clash with your classes.

5. Event staff

Large events such as conventions often require a large number of staff. People are needed to move objects, supervise the proceedings, handle the technical system, usher in guests, security, handle booths, you name it. At any of these events, potentially hundreds of people are needed to fill up these roles. You could be one of them.

Work as event staff is tiring as it usually involves long hours throughout the event but can be enjoyable if the event is to your liking. Why not make sure that it is? Select only events that appeal to you and have a good time at your workplace!

6. Direct sales

Being a salesperson is another way of helping to pay the bills. You are the middle man and tasked to hawk the wares of a company which provides you with the merchandise to sell. If you’re more tech savvy, you could even work from the comfort of your armchair by doing it all online via eBay.

Direct sales profits usually come from commission from sales that you make in addition to hourly pay, so the more merchandise you sell, the more money you make! Even better, if you sell your own stuff on eBay, the profits are yours alone! You never know how much that dusty old comic book in the storeroom at home is worth. The fruits of your labour are very clear indeed if you choose to work as a salesperson.

7. Campus staff

As a student, take advantage of the fact that you belong to an educational institution and aim for a part time job at campus. There are many options that are available to you. For example, lecturers who are swamped with grading assignments, preparing for classes and research work will usually look for research assistants among their students to help with their workload. You might be required to do data entry, transcription, data collection or something as simple as attending to their personal tasks such as settling bank payments.

8. Tutor

Tutors are always in demand. In the dog-eat-dog world out there, parents will pay good money to get their child tutored so that they can get better grades in their exams. As a college student, you’ve accumulated enough knowledge to tutor high school students. Your smarts come in handy here. If you’re really confident in your smarts (and grades), you can even advertise your services to college juniors who are a year or more behind you. Best of all, you get to decide how much you get paid for your services and work according to your own schedule.

As you can see, there are many ways to pay your bills. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it lest your academic life suffer. Worry not about working and raking in the cash as that’s what you’ll be doing for (mostly) your whole life after graduation.

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