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Tips for turning internship into employment

Posted by | December 19, 2017 | Internship

Via Victoria Advocate : Tips for turning internship into employment

Internships are beneficial for both the intern and the employer. The intern is able to learn and gain experience in their field of study. The employer is able to see how an intern works and fits within their organization. If an intern is well-suited for an organization, an employer may offer them a job.

Tips for turning an internship into employment are to:

• Choose the right internship. Choose an internship that aligns with your professional goals and relates to your field of study.

• Be professional. Follow the dress code and office hours, complete all assignments on time, make a good impression and be respectful toward others in the organization.

• Ask questions. Ask for feedback on your work and how you could improve. Be sure that you are meeting your supervisor’s expectations.

• Have a strong work ethic. Work hard while you are there and always stay positive. Stay busy and offer to do more work without being asked first.

• Network. While you are there, network with leaders of the organization and other interns.

• Look to your supervisor as a mentor. They have the most experience in your field of study, and their advice can open your eyes to new opportunities.

• Communicate your appreciation. State how much you appreciate the opportunity during your internship. If your internship has finished, stay in touch with members of the organization and tell them how thankful you were for the opportunity.

• State your interest in working for the organization. Notify leaders of your intent to work for the organization. When a position opens, you may be considered as a candidate and be offered a job.

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