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Is stability becoming a roadblock in your career?

Posted by | September 21, 2016 | Career

Via LinkedIn : We all must have faced scenarios atleast once in our professional lives, where we have seen candidates getting rejected on the basis of their stability in their careers. On the other hand, we all must have also seen people sticking in the same organisation for ages, even sometimes for so long that they even retire from the same company.

So we all know that companies want people to stick with them for a considerably long period for ‘n’ number of reasons. However, what about those who are so stable that they even retire from the same company. Why did they stay in the organisation for so long?

Were they so happy and engaged that they just could not think of anything else?

Or, have they already spent so much of time in the same company that it’s now stopping them from moving out?

Let’s discuss on the second part here, as that is something to worry about. Have you ever thought that because you have been in the same company for so long, and that’s why you are actually not getting the next right opportunity for you and is actually becoming a roadblock in your career?

Gone are the days when sticking to one job was considered as a sign of loyalty and longevity, with today’s job environment, that’s no longer a viable option for many of us. However, as much as it has been highly looked down on making shifts, it is equally poisonous to stay in the same job for a long time. A study has shown that in the age of dot-com, most highly successful professionals don’t stay in the same job for more than 3-4 years. Below are some reasons why stability can actually eat up your career and you should not stick to the same job for long.

Comfort zone

This is the zone in one’s professional career that is the sweetest spot for one to work in, but mind me, this is the spot where you start to kill your future career growth opportunities. When you start to get comfortable in your job, as you do it day in and day out, you begin to loose the hunger of learning new things and moving into newer directions.

Even if you stay in the same organisation, the key is to keep moving up in the ladder. Because moving in the same organisation is also a move that keeps you out of your comfort zone

Other biggest problem that one faces in the career growth because of longevity, is due to deskill. When you continue to do the same job, or even if you keep moving in the ladders, but you still continue to work in the similar nature of business, culture, processes and work environment. You tend to start getting deskilled as an individual, as your learning stops. An individual who has spent over 10 years in the same company, would not be practically knowing how things work in the other parts of the world. I mean other companies when I say “World” because for that individual his/her current company becomes the entire corporate world.

The key to success is in continuous learning, without learning new things, you would be as good as a book in the library, who does have knowledge stored in it, but is limited to what has been written in it years and ages ago.

Perception of not being “Loyal”

Imagine you’re on a date and you get to know that your partner with whom you have come on a date has just come out of a decade old relationship. What will be your first reaction? Would you think of how stable the other partner is, that he/she stays in each relation for at least a decade, or would you think that there is something not right with his/her loyalty and commitments? Won’t you think, if he/she can break a decade-old relation for you, then it could happen again with you too. Unfair or not, you will make assumptions based on the longevity of your date’s previous relationship. Why there is a different reaction when it comes to a candidate appearing for an interview? the questions that would pop up in the hiring manager’s mind would surely be, Will this person be easy to train? Will he/she adapt well to a new environment/culture? What made this person leave after so many years? Are his/her skills current? Is he/she leaving out of demotivation? no one wants an army of demotivated soldiers. The questions are endless and can be enough to put the employer off the candidate entirely.

Whereas, as per my opinion, staying in one organisation can actually eat up your career growth, I also do not advocate job hopping. Because there is always a gestation period that one should spend in a role, to actually understand, if that is the right time to make the next switch. Making too quick shifts, doesn’t only spoil your resume, but also leaves an impression of you being non-reliable, and also one who is not clear with his/her career decisions.

Just like any other decision in life, making a job switch is also a very big decision that must be taken with due care and deep thoughts gone at the backend. Similarly the way you just don’t keep marrying every 2 years, and take lot of time in deciding the girl/guy you want to marry, and give a due respectful time to the relation whether it’s working out or not, you need to think with the same intensity while making a career choice too. Just ensure, picking up a job is like deciding for a marriage, but is not a marriage. Love your work, not your job. There is a whole world of opportunities waiting for you out there, just pick the right one at the right time. Don’t let the opportunities wait for too long, and don’t be in a hurry at the same time as well.

Source : LINKEDIN | Is stability becoming a roadblock in your career?

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