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The Right Way To Follow Up After A Job Interview

Posted by | April 14, 2017 | Interviews, Post-Interview

via ForbesThe right way to follow up after a job interview

Your first assignment when you get home from a job interview is to grab a notepad and write down the story of the interview, from start to finish.

Keep writing and adding details to the story whenever you think of them, because you won’t remember the details for long.

interview notes

Your body is your most important guide. Capture your observations about how you felt at each point of the interview, things you saw or heard that startled you and any other reactions you can remember.

You can capture your interview notes in bullet form, like this:

  • Front-desk lady Annie, kind of mean
  • Lobby clean but harsh, antiseptic
  • Looks like they do a lot of hiring
  • HR guy Nate young, casual, didn’t have my resume
  • Manager Sue very sweet, talked about fast growth, how she got promoted, they need people who can write, do a little coding and manage social media

You can keep adding bullets as long as impressions of the interview keep flowing down. You may keep writing for several days as new impressions emerge.

You can capture your interview notes in paragraph form if you prefer.

Once you’ve finished your post-interview brain dump, your next assignment is to tell a friend about your interview.

Walk your friend through the whole story, leaving out no details.

Share your impressions of the people you met, the questions you were asked and the job you interviewed for.

Choose a down-to-earth, honest friend who will tell you when they hear something “off” or sketchy about the interview.

You need that kind of feedback! The Vortex is strong.

The Vortex is the pull or pressure you may feel to pursue any job opportunity that seems the least bit viable.

Any job opportunity can look like a life raft when you hate your current job or you’re unemployed. It looks like a life raft but if it’s the wrong job, it could be a boat anchor instead.

Job-seekers want a job fast, and that need gives the Vortex its power over them.

A wise and brutally honest friend can help you stay safely out of the Vortex. It won’t do you any good to get a job offer if you end up hating the job!

The next thing for you to do is to write and send a paper thank-you note to each person you met on your job interview.

You can pick up a packet of 10 or 12 notes for about seven dollars at any store that sells stationery. Choose simple fold-over note cards with a plain front or a design that appeals to you.

When you get home, compose a thank-you note to each person who interviewed you. If someone walked you from HR to the manager’s office and shook your hand, they don’t need a thank-you note.

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