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How To Negotiate Your Starting Salary

Posted by | August 8, 2016 | Interviews

Via Forbes : It’s exciting to get a job offer, but there can be some anxiety associated with that event, too. You hope that your discussions with a recruiter, an HR person or your hiring manager have made it clear to everyone on the employer side of the desk that you have certain salary requirements that must be met if they expect you to take the job.

Nearly everybody has been through the experience of slogging through a long interview process only to receive a lowball job offer. That’s discouraging and frustrating. If you want to avoid having that experience, make sure that you get your salary requirements out on the table well before anybody is talking about extending a job offer.

You can do that at your second interview or when somebody from the employer organization invites you to a second interview. You can say, “I may be able to make Thursday morning work. I’ll get back to you on that right away. Shall we sync up on compensation?” You have to make it clear that you are not going to stick around for interview after interview without a shared understanding of the salary level that would get you interested in the job.

Let’s say your salary target is $90,000 but you would accept $85,000. You’re going to ask the recruiter or your own hiring manager, “What is the salary range for this position?” They may waffle. They may not want to tell you, but of course it is a very reasonable question. They may ask you, “What were you earning at your last job?” Forget that – that’s none of their business!

You’ll say, “In this job search I’m focusing on jobs at the $90,000 level and up.” Your past salaries have nothing to do with anything. If they press you to learn what you are earning now or what you earned at your last job, you can say, “Let’s focus on my $90,000 salary requirement and your hiring salary range, which you have not yet shared. If those two ranges overlap it makes sense for us to keep talking.”

It is important for you to remind them that you gave up something valuable — your salary target of $90,000, that is — and they haven’t said anything about what they’re willing to pay. In other words, it’s their move.

Let’s assume that you shared your $90,000 number and nobody on the employer’s side of the table fell out of their chair in a dead faint. That’s good. Now things have progressed. You’ve met the CEO and a half dozen other managers and you’re expecting a job offer any day now.

What will your job offer contain?

Let’s say that your hiring manager, Belinda, tells you, “I’m getting approval to make you a job offer right now!” She’s excited. That’s good for her, but it’s silly and also insulting for her to run around her building getting approvals for a job offer you haven’t green-lighted yourself.

It is perfectly appropriate for you to ask Belinda at this stage, “What will that job offer contain? I’d hate for you to expend a lot of energy getting approvals for a job offer before we have established what it would take for me to come on board.”

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Source : FORBES | How To Negotiate Your Starting Salary

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