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Looking For Sales Executive Jobs Malaysia? Get Familiar With Work Visa

Posted by | November 24, 2017 | Job Search

Malaysia has been right called as the land of opportunities. One can choose from full-time to part time jobs in Malaysia. Along with the technology advancement, the work culture and work life balance approach Malaysia profess and advocates gaining appreciation from all over. This is one of the biggest reasons why foreigners and emigrants are moving to Malaysia with career lookout.
And if it continuous to happen, the economy will witness tremendous growth and high paced progress. Indeed its acting as magnetic field for many outsiders to look for opportunities in Malaysia, however at the same time Malaysian government and local authorities are mandating work visa to interrupt their smooth entry.

Don’t take Work visa for Granted

It has been observed that many people steps on the Malaysian ground with a simple tourist visa, and tends to start hunting for the job. However, too eventually before they join some jobs Malaysia, they are asked before-hand if they hold working visas or not. Thus although they may enter the premise with tourist visa, however they must communicate well in advance about the aspiration of converting it into the work visa later. For this purpose, they must have all the paper works and documents submitted with the authorities. No matter if applicant is applying for the Sales Executive Jobs Malaysia or any other job, they must abide to the rules completely.

Mandatory Documents

  • Complete application form must be dully filled with all requisite and necessary information. A copy of employment contract must be attached as well. It is always advised to keep a copy of every communication and form submitted to the visa office for further references.
  • All recent photographs must be fixed.
  • Attach self-attested copies of valid passport. Do not try to submit invalid passport details and copies; this will may get hold against the applicant.
  • Along with the employment contract, copies of employee sponsorship from the employer must be attached as well. This will act as a proof of commitment of paying requisite state revenues taxes and salaries to their employees by the employer.
  • Many companies are bound with certain restrictions with respect to minimum paid up and start-up capital so as to hire non Malaysian employees. Also the sponsorship letter by the employer will guarantee that they completely adhered to the rules and regulations laydown by the government.
  • if the extension is foreseen, the visa will undergo a renewal process. And one of the most important documents needed to complete the procedure, copies of payment receipts and tax revenue receipts as well.

Part-time Employees are Different Approached

Part-time employees in Malaysia who are expected to perform a job for maximum 12 or less must apply for part-time work visa. In case it is believed to be little more than 12 months then varied other types of part-time visas must be applied for.
The entire work visa and permits does not apply to any Singapore Job for Malaysian, as they are considered as the natives only.

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