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Knowing Yourself and What It Means

Posted by | January 30, 2015 | Advice, Career

Via LinkedIn : Entrepreneurship is not an easy path to take. I think that as you continue your journey you will come to realize that fact if you haven’t already. There are times where it may seem where you are the only one that cares about your idea. Or, you may feel severely stressed out. However, the question I ask to you is do you know yourself?

Know Yourself

I have seen these words of advice come up over and over and over again. I have seen it span many decades so I know it’s not just some buzzword.

I have heard this advice from people such as Tai Lopez and Lewis Howes. I have read this advice in Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything, Sam Walton: Made in America, and Classic Drucker. The fact is that so many successful people are giving this advice. This is a hint that I have just struck gold (Refresh on what gold knowledge is and how to find it). So, I felt like sharing this gold with you all.

What does it mean to “Know Yourself?”

Knowing yourself means knowing what you are capable of given the tools that you possess. When you know yourself you can fully utilize the resources that you already have.


What are you already good and and how can you improve upon those skills? Locate your strengths and make use of them. They are called your strengths for a reason.


What skills are holding you back? All weaknesses are not bad and can usually be rounded out by find teammates that complement your skills. You do not need to be the jack of all trades, but know what your weaknesses are.

How you work

What is your process of getting work done? Are you are procrastinator? It’s good to know these things because only then can you communicate to others the state that you are most effective in.

How you learn

Are you an auditory learner, like visuals, or learn best from taking lots of notes? It’s good to know this that way you get the most out of your education. If you don’t know what works best for you, try different methods and test your ability to learn afterwards.

What you value

What is important to you? Family, friends, power, influence, money, etc.? Know what you value in life and make the most out of pursuing ventures that increase the presence of things that you value.


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