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Know your strengths to win more work

Posted by | May 27, 2015 | Advice, Career

Via LinkedIn : “Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong. More often, people know what they are good at – and even then more people are wrong than right. And yet, a person can perform only from strength.” This is a snippet of wisdom from Peter Drucker, the man behind great books ‘Managing Oneself’ and ‘The Effective Executive’.

Drucker builds on the above statement to say, learning and knowing your strengths enables you to concentrate on those strengths, and ultimately produce better results.

As a freelancer pitching for work, a job seeker in an interview or a business owner closing a significant deal – knowing your strengths gives you a competitive advantage. “Put yourself where your strengths can produce results” Drucker says.

A pre-requisite for a freelance writer is they can write well. So how do they differentiate from the next freelance writer – by resonating well with a specific audience can help them stand out from the crowd.

Here’s an example for a freelance writer seeking their ideal client and to ultimately win more work. When identifying strengths, the freelance writer recognises they have an intuitive understanding of technical people (as did Drucker) like accountants, engineers and app developers. The freelance writer knows they can understand things with detail more than most of their peers and begins to highlight this skill when marketing and pitching for work. “I can write white papers for your business website as I understand what you do for your clients”, she or he says.

Drucker also says its as important to know where you’re weak – so you can fill the gaps in your knowledge.


Its simple but takes time so start ASAP – every time you make a key decision or take a key action write down what you expect will happen. Nine or twelve months later compare the results with the expectations; this is called ‘feedback analysis’ and is, in Ducker’s opinion “the only way to discover strengths.”

The book ‘Managing Oneself’ is short (easily read in a few hours), punchy and insightful. I recommend it to anyone that pitches for work, is an entrepreneur, seeks a job or just wants to continually develop him or herself.

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