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Kickstart your career in banking and finance

Posted by | February 6, 2017 | Career

Via Albawaba : Kickstart your career in banking and finance

Whether you are a Finance Officer, Senior Officer, Accountant, or even a fresh graduate with an interest in finance and banking, there are numerous career opportunities for you to consider in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The banking and finance industry seems to have a steady and strong hiring potential, which is good news for professionals looking to get hired, promoted, or find career advancement opportunities in this industry.

The Bayt.com Middle East Job Index Survey, September 2016, revealed that 73% of survey respondents plan to hire in the banking and finance industry within a year’s time. Not only is this industry offering many new job opportunities over the coming months. This industry is also very capable of attracting and retaining top talent, as stated by 26% of respondents. More respondents in the Levant region specifically will be hiring for this industry.

In order to direct your career in banking and finance on the right path, you need to make use of the most effective tools and strategies to land your ideal job or to move up the career ladder. Bayt.com, the #1 Job site in the Middle East, offers you the most updated tools and information to enhance your career opportunities:

1. Advanced Job Search

Using this tool allows you to find the exact banking, finance, or accounting jobs that you are seeking. You can use multiple keywords to appear in the job description together or one at a time. You can also filter search results based on position, location, desired salary, employment type, experience level, and more. With many opportunities in the banking and finance industry across the MENA, you have the ability to truly specify your search criteria and find your ideal job.

2. Connect with Experts

Excelling in your banking and finance career involves more than going to the office every day. To truly stand out and grow your expertise, join professional social platforms such as Bayt.com specialties. Using this tool, you can engage in insightful discussions regarding the trends and developments in your industry. You can pose questions, provide answers, follow discussions, and easily expand you knowledge base in your specific field. Being active on Bayt.com specialties is also away for your online personal brand to shine, showcasing your expertise and attracting more career opportunities your way.

3. Salary Search

How much should your company pay you? As you embark on a new career opportunity in the banking and finance field, you need to have an understanding of your prospective compensation and benefits. In order to do so, you can use Bayt.com Salaries; a sophisticated tool providing you with timely and accurate salary levels and pay structures in the market. Similarly, if you are currently employed in the banking and finance field and are on the lookout for supporting and enhancing your career, Bayt.com Salaries allows you to navigate customized reports for each role, industry, and location in order to make the most informed decisions.

4. Learning Opportunities

Employers are aware of candidates who endeavor to improve their skills and grow their competencies. Learning and developing your skills does not have to stop after university. The Bayt.com learning portal offers numerous courses, workshops, and learning opportunities to complement your degree and experience. The topics span from Managerial Accounting, to Investment and Portfolio Management, and all the way to Budgeting and Forecasting. There are many opportunities to learn from even for current employees who simply need to sharpen their skills and grow their areas of expertise. You can also visit the most updated research reports and career articles for additional tips and pointers in you career.

5. Customized Writing Support

Finally, if you feel that you need more specialized assistance to apply for a new job in banking and finance, you should request CV writing support from Bayt.com. This service gives you the individual time and attention and helps you construct a winning CV and cover letter that are specific for your career in banking and finance. It is very important that your CV is rich with the correct keywords and is relevant to the industry and job that you are applying to. CV writing support from Bayt.com will make sure your application is in an ideal shape.

This article originally appeared in Bayt.com.

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