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Key considerations for organizations seeking to increase engagement

Posted by | June 24, 2015 | Employee Engagement, Employer

Via LinkedIn : Here a few factors to consider if your organization is focused on increasing employee engagement:

  • Recognition– Employees need to be acknowledged, appreciated and valued for their efforts and contributions.
  • Communication– Do all employees have access to all of the information they need to perform their duties properly? Do they understand the direction the company is pursuing and its vision for the future?
  • How employees are treated! Are all employees treated with respect and dignity in ways that build pride in their performance and in the organization?
  • Participation and Involvement– Are all employees actively involved and participating in company projects, goals and improvement initiatives? Do they each offer their own unique contributions to the success of these objectives? Do employees regularly suggest new ideas for improvement?
  • What is the work environment and culture like? Is it conducive to each employee performing at their best or is the leadership structure more a “command and control” type atmosphere?
  • Are all of your managers motivating, inspiring and encouraging high employee performance. Do they understand engagement and the benefits it provides to the company? Do they all have the skills, competencies and training necessary to engage employees? Are managers coaching employees to be at their best?
  • Are employees able to understand how their work supports the organization or do they feel anonymous? Do they see the relevance of their work? Do they have a way to measure their own success and contribution?
    How are conflicts and disagreements handled? Do these issues cause employees to withdraw? Disengage?
  • Are there any cultural or generational differences that should be better understood? Are these differences creating any misunderstanding or operational challenges? What can be done to address these challenges and differences so that everyone is working together as a team?
  • Are employees actively supporting and behind change initiatives or perhaps half-hearted in their approach? Without their support it can be difficult or even impossible to adapt important changes.
  • Is teamwork and morale high? Or do you see certain departments working in their own silos where a more collaborative effort would help the business move forward? Are the desired attitudes and behaviors.
  • Are trust levels high with the leadership group and management structure? Are leadership styles conducive to high engagement?
  • Are all employees given the chance and opportunity to grow, develop and learn new skills and abilities?
  • Are employees aligned, focused and all pulling in the same direction with common priorities and goals?
  • Employees Personal Goals, Desires, Aspirations, Needs and Interests – Is your organization and are your managers actively working with employees to help them achieve key ambitions important to them personally?
  • Can improvements in any of these areas help you increase engagement levels in your organization?

Engagement really needs to be approached on three levels:

Corporate Programs- Organization wide initiatives that are available and accessible to all employees- Recognition or Health and Wellness programs are a few examples. As well, who is responsible for engagement in your organization and how is engagement strategy developed corporately and programs facilitated and implemented?

Managerial Programs- Specific activities and support enabling managers to build strong emotional connections with employees and productive working relationships must be provided. How are they developing necessary engagement skills? Given the importance of engagement do you rate managers on their department engagement levels or hold them accountable for engagement? Are managers recognized and rewarded in some way for high engagement of their department?

Employee Programs- What steps and programs can help employees get actively involved and increase participation and suggestions. How can an organization support and encourage employees to engage on their own.

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