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Jobs in Malaysia Needs Revamped Professional Malaysians

Posted by | September 18, 2017 | Advice

Jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia is present on the Southeast part of Asia. Its strong technology base and colorful culture makes Malaysia stands apart from rest of the world. The potential and opportunities in jobs Malaysia is bestowed with is unthinkable. The magnetic field of jobs in Malaysia attracts professional from all over the world. And hence the competition for a job vacancy in Malaysia gets multiple folds tougher to occupy for both foreign professionals and Malaysians. Thus it becomes an absolute unavoidable for Malaysian freshly graduates to keep abreast with ever changing professional skills and technology along with a positive and competitive attitude.

Opportunities pouring in from all directions

With so many Multi nationals investing in Malaysian economy, the pool of opportunities will be overflowing in no time. Let’s look in to the kind of jobs in various sectors Malaysia is going to witness.

Retail Banking:
With incorporating certain modifications in wealth management and mortgage system the banking sectors will have loads of jobs to offer for sale personnel.

Online Shopping & Trading:E-commerce has seen a tremendous rise in its popularity. The idea of online shopping and trading is attracting people from all walks of life. From a well established brands to start ups all are busy selling the idea of virtual shopping. Creative people like website maker and developer will soon be in demand.

Information Technology security: Since online shopping requires all sorts of online transactions all monetary and confidential details. Thus, online data security becomes a concern. Hence to keep an eye on fraudulent and unethical hackers, a team of ethical hackers’ expert in patching and monitoring the online happenings will be required.

HR Professionals:There is no denying of the fact that growing economy brings in business, business need people to carry out the operations. Hence to search and hire appropriate talent skilled HR professionals will be needed.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing has always contributed tremendously to the economy. However with more MNCs setting up their plants, more professionals with manufacturing skill set will be in demand.

Insurance: With growing infrastructure and various business sectors, the risk involved and a threat to loss or theft is also foreseen. Hence to avoid these, insurance companies will come to their rescues and thus a larger number of insurance persons will be demanded.

Economy is calling for its own people

Foreign investments has enabled Malaysian economy climb the steps of growth and prosperity. However, foreign investors bring in foreign professional along with too, to take over the opportunities that are developing and growing in various sectors. And it has been observed that Malaysians are lagging behind in bridging the gap between them and the Jobs in Malaysia. But the question arises that it is what is that which is pulling Malaysians as professionals back? Various experts have expressed their viewpoint over it and all of them concluded that the kind of attitude Malaysians carry at the time of interview is unacceptable and they have high salary expectations. Experts argue further by saying that a fresh graduate demands completely irrational and unreasonable amount of salary. And if this continues, then jobs in Malaysia will be completely taken over by expatriates. Apart from that most of the Malaysians have to move out to earn a living; hence some labor laws amendments are also required.

Skills Refurbished

To continue growing and achieving excellence, an ideal balance needs to be attained between Malaysian professionals and expatriates. Special programs of polishing the outdated skills of Malaysian must be encouraged. Thus, the talent pool of Malaysia stays updated and rubs shoulder with competitive and gets hold of jobs in Malaysia.

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