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Increase Productivity In Three Easy Steps

Posted by | June 1, 2017 | Productivity, Workplace

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Getting the most out of the work day is an important goal for most employees and organisations. Maintaining solid productivity levels is one of the most important factors in keeping a business profitable. Growth in productivity not only lowers costs, it permits sustainable growth and promotes efficiency. Improving productivity is not only favourable for businesses, it’s a vital step towards achieving manageable workloads and ensuring staff wellbeing.

While achieving productivity for both employee and employer can feel elusive at times, there are actually some quick and easy ways to optimise the workspace and encourage greater efficiency. Here are three:


Increasing your digital ‘desk’ space by introducing multiple monitors is a proven solution to boost productivity and maximise workflow. The benefit of working across two screens means work can be spread across monitors, allowing users to compare documents andeliminating the arduous ritual of clicking back and forth between windows. In fact, research shows the user-friendly nature of multi-screening significantly improves productivity. According to a survey by Jon Peddie Research, adding an extra monitor will increase productivity by 20-30% [i]. This is also supported by a Wall Street Journal report, which revealed people using a larger monitor could save two and a half hours per day.


Bring your own device (BYOD) is a transformative IT trend that has been successful in improving workflow efficiencies and supporting more flexible work environments. Whether at home or in the office, BYOD allows for the different environments to share the same devices, which has an interesting flow-on effect. A Stamford University Study found at-home employees are actually more productive in total[ii]. Additionally, BYOD has another productivity benefit: using devices in the workplace that you’re comfortable with and that are suited to your needs allows greater freedom to get through work-related tasks. This is supported by a Forbes study indicating 49% of users say they are more productive using their own devices[iii], demonstrating that the more comfortable and familiar employees are with their devices, the more productive they will be.


Fine-tuning a desk setup to be more ergonomic can help make work flow a lot smoother, consequently building productivity. Without ergonomic workspaces, staff are prone to placing strain on the body, repeating movements without proper support and making larger movements than necessary. In fact, studies show that injuries resulting from poor workplace ergonomics account for 34% of all lost workday injuries and illnesses. Overall, trying to complete tasks that are physically taxing impacts efficiency, so it’s a good start to set a work environment that avoids problems such as repetitive strain injury (RSI), back pain, or even fatigue. By creating a workplace designed for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions with better heights and reaches, productivity will naturally follow.

Productivity can be achieved through a number of methods, but making minor improvements to your surroundings can greatly influence overall productivity. Making the most of your time is critical to your wellbeing and success in the workplace, so allocating a little time to planning your space will guarantee a productive working culture.

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