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How to Write a Resume

Posted by | December 1, 2013 | Resumes

Writing a resume is one of the most important things that you have to consider when you are seeking for a job. This can actually make or break your application that is why it is tremendously important for you to know how to write a resume. A job resume is actually a self-advertisement, which means that you are endorsing yourself to your potential employer for you to get the kind of job that you want. When it is done properly, this will show your experience, achievements and skills that will qualify you to the job that you want.

This guide offers effective strategies on how to write a resume that is effective and powerful enough to help you get the job that you are yearning for. This will also lead you towards creating and organizing the content of your resume that will highlight your skills and will grab the attention of the reader.

Writing an Effective Resume

  • Text Formatting

When it comes to learning how to write a resume, you have to understand the importance of text formatting. The very first thing that your employer will see on your job resume is its text or your resume format, so it is really important to create the right first impression through your professional resume. To make it more professional, you have to select a professional text font size, preferably size 12 or just 11. Times New Roman is actually the classic serif font, whereas Calibri and Arial are some of other options for sans-serif.

Things to Remember

  • You can select multiple fonts for other parts of the resume, but be sure to limit it to 2 maximum. Rather than changing between the fonts, it is better to try creating specific sections italicizes or bold instead.
  • Your header’s font as well as the introduction may be in a size of 16 or just 14. Never use larger fonts.
  • Text must always be printed using a solid black ink.
  • Always Set Up the Page

The page must have 1’ margins around with 1.5 – 2 line spacing. The entire body of your resume must be aligned to the left.

  • Create a Heading

Your heading is the section that can be seen at the top of your job resume. A good resume must contain a heading which provides your entire contact information such as your name, phone number, email, and address.

Write an Effective Resume Objective

Learning how to write a resume objective is also an essential part in writing a resume. Job objectives are actually general statement with regards to your career goals.

  • Customize your Job Resume Objective

If you want to include a job objective on your job resume, it is essential to customize it in order to suit the position or kind of job that you are applying for. The more particular of specific your career objective is, then the better the chance that you will be considered in the job.

Also, you have to make specific goals about the things that you want to obtain. You also have to be precise in making your job objective. It must be short yet effective enough to catch the attention of your employer.

Learning how to write a resume is really easy. Just make sure that you will include all your important professional profile in your resume that will link to the requirements of the job. This provides resume tips that can help you choose the best resume type that will be highly suitable for your job.


Different Types of Resumes

If you want to fully understand on know how to write a resume, it is important to have knowledge about some of the different types of a resume. There are various types of resumes that are now being used in order to apply for a job. Depending on personal circumstances or job requirements, you may choose a functional, combination, targeted or a chronological resume.

  • Chronological Resume

Chronological resume begins by writing all your work history. In writing your job history, it is mostly important to write first recent or latest position. Your job experiences will be listed in a chronological order that is reversed with your existing job, or your most recent job at the beginning of the list.

  • Functional Resume

This type of resume primarily focuses on your experiences and skills, instead of your chronological job history. A functional resume is commonly used by those who are constantly changing their jobs, or those who have some gaps in their work history.

  • Combination Resume

Another type of resume is a combination resume that provides a list of your experiences and skills, while your work history is being listed next. With the use of combination resume, you can now highlight your skills that are related to the job that you’re applying for. This will also offer your chronological job history that can help you get the job you want.

 Which is the Best Resume Format to Use?

If you have learned on know how to write a resume and have also identified the different types of resume, it is now the best time for you determine the best resume format to use. These 3 basic resume types have actually spawned various other formats, and the most popular of which are professional, academic curriculum vitae and the international curriculum vitae.

All of these resume format and styles are really important and they have different functions. One may be perfect for a particular job description, and one may be not. Depending on your situation and the job description that you are applying for, you can choose any of these types of resumes. Bear in mind that there are always different suggested formats for every situation of the applicant.

Writing a resume is actually very easy, especially if you have deeply understood the secret on how to write a resume effectively. These resume tips are actually provided for all those who are seeking for a job and want to get hired on the job that they are searching for. Learning how to write a resume is very simple. By employing all the steps provided in this guide, you can surely make a good first impression to your employer.


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