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How to list multiple jobs at one company on your resume

Posted by | September 14, 2015 | Improve your resume, Resumes

Via Phillly.com : Follow these steps to remove clutter and clearly highlight your achievements.

Coming up through the ranks at a single company can be great for your career, but when it’s time to move on, you might be stumped about how to list all the different positions you’ve held on your resume. How you list the jobs on your resume depends on whether you came up in one department or moved around within the company. No matter which jobs you want to list, careful formatting and clear writing can make your resume easy to understand.

Follow these tips to showcase your long and illustrious tenure.

Next to the company name, include information from your start date to the present, then list each title and the dates you held the position below it, says Dawn Reid, owner of Reid Ready Life Coaching in Clementon, New Jersey. She also suggests making the final bullet point something like “promoted to X, which involved increased responsibilities and skills” to show the move from one position to the next.

Listing multiple positions at an employer can establish a strong record of accomplishments that delivered a progression of internal promotions, says Hank Boyer of Boyer Management Group in Holland, Pennsylvania. List the employer and each title, then the top three accomplishments achieved and specific results under each title.

Perhaps you switched career paths rather than having gained increasing responsibilities? If the multiple positions you had at the company are distinct from each other, list the company name with your current title underneath it, followed by the bullets for that position, says Stacey Sykes of Sweet Resumes in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Then create a new section beneath that with the title of your previous position and subsequent bullets.

“Be sure to use consistent formatting and make the dates for each position stand out from the rest of the text so your career progression is easily detectable by the reader,” she says.

Sometimes people get a promotion that comes with a new title and greater responsibility, but their day-to-day job functions are the same, Sykes says. In that case, it’s fine to combine bullets for the two positions as long as you still indicate the different job titles and make it clear that you progressed from one role to the next. “You can use your bullets to highlight steps up in levels of responsibility. For example, you can say ‘As director…’ or ‘as manager…’ to differentiate your achievements for different roles.”

If you’ve taken on new responsibilities and gotten a raise but not a new title, that’s known as a “promotion in place.” If you make it past the first round to a phone call or interview, feel free to mention that, says Tiffani Murray, career consultant at Atlanta-based Personality On a Page. You can also list it as a “promotion in place” on your resume, especially if you go a long time without changing positions.

If you are typing in an applicant tracking system or applying for a government job, you may be required to format your resume a certain way. In that case, follow whatever the template requires.

Source: PHILLY.COM | How to list multiple jobs at one company on your resume

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