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How To Dress For An Interview

Posted by | December 1, 2013 | Grooming, Interviews

Your appearance will tell people a lot about you. By knowing how to dress for an interview professionally, you let everyone know that you actually understand well the attention for details that is needed for a corporate life. Thus, once you’ve granted an interview for a potential job, you might want to dress professionally. And when contemplating what to wear during an interview, remember that first impression is essential.

When the time comes for a professional job interview, aside from thinking about what you are going to say and aside from ensuring that all the essential documents are ready, you also need to spend time planning about how to dress for an interview. Though your qualifications and credentials are way more important than your appearance, your attire will be the first thing that your interviewer sees.

For women, one of the most important considerations to take into account is to dress in clothes that aren’t revealing or too sexy. Women should also avoid being overly made up. A little makeup as well as perfume is fine. There are actually lots of dresses for women that are very suitable for a corporate job interview. Business suits with slacks or sufficiently long skirts would definitely do the trick for women. Basically, the overall attire as well as the accessories that women wear should also be toned. Bright colors should be avoided for they are not a great idea. Why? Since the corporate world generally identifies better in neutral and solid colors.

And when it comes to men, there’s actually a little scope in terms of making a mistakes in their attire. Men can consider wearing business suits again in solid or neutral colors. Funky hairstyles and body piercings should be avoided. Hair should definitely be neatly combed. Generally, both women and men should know how to dress for an interview, and should always dress themselves with professional dress.

Interview Attire Ideal For Men

Men need to know how to dress for an interview because the clothes you wear will actually make a great impression on your interviewer. Thus, make sure to choose appropriate men’s formal wear, clothes that will indicate about how you take the job opportunity professionally and seriously.

  • Naturally, you’ll need to dress in a suit. You should stick with the normal, solid dark colors like blue and gray. Whatever you choose, don’t opt for exotic colors such as orange, green, or magenta. Also, stick with suits that are cut from normal patterns and make sure your suit is comfortable to wear.
  • Wear a long sleeved, normal, button-up shirt. It should also be in light color with no pattern or distracting pattern. You should consider wearing a t shirt underneath in order to prevent any sweat stain. Pair your shirt with just a plain necktie.
  • Opt to plain black shoes. They should not have fancy patterns or even shoe buckles. Moreover, your shoes must be clean and polished.

Interview Attire For Women

Women should also know how to dress for an interview. Wearing professional attire during an interview can actually make a difference. The standard dress for Interview for women is still much the same with men, a gray or dark navy suit or any other conservative color.

  • Women should also avoid wearing dresses during a corporate job interview.
  • Make up must be minimal and both their nail polishes and lip stick must be in conservative tone.
  • You should also have pantyhose without runs and make sure it is conservative when it comes to color. Try using a briefcase, not your purse.
  • If you are going to wear a skirt, make sure its length is below the knee and never far from above your knee.
  • The perfect patterns for your attire are soft plaids, solids, tweed, and the likes.
  • When it comes to your shoes, opt to conservative looking shoes with mid-level heel.
  • Make sure to wear limited jewelry, and avoid dangling earrings or too much bracelets.
  • Have your hair professionally done.

By knowing how to dress for an interview, you will be immensely benefited.

Dressing For A Job Interview – Here’s Some Tips To Consider

Knowing how to dress for an interview is very critical when you have been granted for a corporate interview that can give you your dream job. Remember that you will never get your second chance, so make the right move, dress professionally, and make that first impression.

  • Make sure that your professional attire are neatly pressed and ironed. There is nothing good about wearing wrinkled clothing.
  • See to it that your attire suits you and fits you properly. If your sleeves or pants are too loose, too long, or too tight, you will probably look and feel uncomfortable and awkward.
  • During an interview, you shouldn’t wear too much flashy jewelry. You will want your interviewer to pay close attention only to you, not to your bling.
  • Dress yourself according to the current season. Don’t wear your turtleneck sweater in the summer season; your interviewer won’t appreciate that.
  • Wear mild perfume, the interviewer might be allergic with perfumes.
  • See to it that you have a clean and nice haircut; one that will make you look very well groomed or trimmed.
  • For men, remember to shave or keep your facial hair in a minimum.
  • For women, never wear a dress or attire that’s too sexy or revealing. Know how to dress for an interview professionally. You are not in for a fashion show; remember that it’s a formal job interview.
  • Avoid attires with busy, loud prints. It is best to opt to solid, conservative colors that will flatter skin tone.
  • For women, wear appropriate pantyhose or lingerie underneath your dress. This can provide you with smooth lines, assuring that you don’t actually have any visible panty line.
  • For women, do not overdo makeup. Wear only natural colors, avoid heavy eyeliner, eye shadow, or bright lipstick.

So, you are going to a job interview, congratulations! Now that you know how to dress for an interview, grab that opportunity of having the job.


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