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How to Document Your Internship

Posted by | October 30, 2017 | Internship

Via ULoop : How to Document Your Internship

Internships are amazing opportunities to get some real-world experience in your field of interest. Completing an internship shows potential employers that you have what it takes to succeed at the job.

I am so thankful to have spent this past summer conducting research at a university outside of my home state, and I absolutely loved it. It was an incredible learning experience that I never want to forget. Internships like these don’t come along all the time, so it’s a good idea to document them. It’ll be fun to look back on your memories in a few years.

Here are some fun ways to document your internship!

Take photos

Of course, taking photos is a great way to document your internship experience. Nowadays, we always have a camera with us on our phones, so there’s no excuse to not take pictures. You don’t have to photograph only the best moments, you can photograph everyday things, too.

Also, take as many photos as you can, because you can always delete them, but you can’t bring them back. In a few years, you will be glad you captured those moments. I am so thankful to have pictures of the adventures my friends and I went on during my summer internship.

Post photos on social media

Posting photos is not only a fun way to show off what you’re up to but also a good way to keep in touch with those who are doing different things. They can see what you’re doing, and you can see what they’re doing. When you see them again, it’ll be a great conversation starter.

Vlog it!

Similarly, you can vlog your internship experience! This takes some effort because you have to remember to bring your camera and actually film what’s going on. Then, you have to edit the footage. But the effort will be well worth it when you can look back at a wonderful video you put together.

Keep a personal journal

Journaling is another great way to document your internship experience. Try to write down even the things you think are boring. You will be glad you did. You don’t have to write every day but write as much as you can. It’s always fun to read about your younger self’s thoughts and feelings.

Keep a professional journal

In science, we have lab notebooks to keep track of what we do every day. This might not be as fun as a personal journal (since it’ll be focused on your work rather than on your adventures), but it’s still good to have a record of everything you’ve done. It’s helpful if you ever need to refer to something you did a few weeks ago.

Create a playlist

I love making playlists when I travel because when I listen to those songs after the trip, they bring back good memories. I especially like to choose one specific “theme song” for each trip. For this past summer’s internship, the theme song was “Getaway” by Parachute. It really described the way I felt about taking this trip. Picking songs is a fun way to remember your internship, so I encourage you to do it!

Internships are great learning experiences for college students. They don’t last forever, so it’s important to document them while you still can. In a few years, you will be thankful you recorded all those memories.

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