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Hire the Right Manager

Posted by | March 5, 2015 | Employer, Hiring

Via LinkedInCompanies hire or promote the wrong person for the manager job 82% of the time.

We didn’t make this up. Gallup research revealed this statistic 2012, so this doesn’t even qualify as new news. But it does lead to an interesting question: Why do companies get this wrong so much of the time?

The root cause of why companies get it wrong.

Companies including yours persist in using outdated hiring practices that fail to give you an understanding of an individual’s natural talents in the areas most critical to the role of manager. A solid work history in sales, marketing, manufacturing or whatever job is no indication of an individual’s natural talent for being the caliber of manager you need in today’s business environment.

Likewise, when dealing with the levels of natural talents that managers need, training and education cannot give someone natural talents where none exist naturally. This means that when you discover you’ve made a mistake in hiring or promoting, you cannot magically instill the natural talents a manager needs through training and education.

Your solution: Assessments that measure natural talent

Identify levels of natural talent in prospective managers with assessments incorporated into applicant screening tools like we use at KiteDISCtest247.com. We’re not talking about resume scanning software. We’re recommending you use scientifically validated assessments that use current technology (not paper) to assess the individual.

Natural talents managers should possess.

Here’s the list from the Gallup article that will give you an idea of the natural talents that Gallup finds great managers possess:

  • Motivating each employee to take action and engaging them with a compelling mission and vision
  • Assertiveness to drive outcomes
  • Ability to overcome adversity and resistance
  • Creating a culture of clear accountability
  • Building relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and transparency
  • Making decisions based on productivity not politics

Here’s what you have to gain when you hire or promote based on natural talents.

The Gallup article notes their finding that 1 in 10 people possess the natural talents that managers need. That’s not very many people. Yet so much in your business depends on your manager and that individual’s natural talents that it’s definitely worth your time and money to hire or promote based on natural talents. Here’s a quick list of what you stand to gain:

  • Increased profits
  • Higher retention of current employees
  • Greater team effort
  • Innovation
  • Growth of your business
  • Stability

We’re sure you can think other ways your business will benefit. It’s important for you to understand that what you stand to gain far outweighs the cost of the applicant screening tool that will help you make all this possible.

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