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Five things you need to exploit for effortless productivity

Posted by | October 28, 2015 | Productivity, Workplace

Via LinkedIn : This month’s focus on #ProductivityHacks on LinkedIn, has prompted some really interesting things on time management, environment and prioritising etc…They are important factors for work but miss the most important and powerful way of maximising productivity which is:

You and how you do what you do!

Effective productivity needs 5 key things to align perfectly:

  1. Momentum
  2. Energy
  3. Direction
  4. Creativity
  5. Purpose

Importantly, the context in which all of these factors must interact and combine is You and Me – the human being bit of the process, which ironically from the outside is the unknowable component to effective productivity.

However, each of those 5 key components are natural human resources. You might not know it while sitting in the office but all of those energies are flowing right through you now, this very moment.

In fact you are made from the sum of all five to varying degrees depending on what you are good at. You are designed for change. You are designed to do things – to produce.

That’s what you do. That’s what you are for. And if the business you are in right now doesn’t know that, and constantly fails to work with you to utilise and enhance those five essential ingredients- then everyone fails.

Sadly its common.

All you need to get out of the way and allow those productive constants to come through. Many great artist, architects, designers, inventors, actors, and writers know this. They call it being the flow.

You don’t need to learn it. You already have it.

All you need for effortless, creative and effective productivity is right there inside you. All you need to do is take a deep breath, let go and tap into your inner resource for change.

This isn’t dropping-out and ignoring your responsibilities. This is waking-up and taking your responsibilities very seriously indeed!

Not only will do good work, your boss will like you, colleagues will want to sit next you, clients will ask for you in person, people will give you money and you will be very, very happy!

We can teach you this. If you want know how to do it get in contact. It would be great to hear from you.

About the author:

Michael is a chartered architect, artist, yoga master and Social Entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of beanddo, a special initiative designed to bring the techniques of meditation based well-being, intuition, creativity and effortless productivity to day-today work, education and life. Michael has over 25 years of practice as an architect, at leadership level, leading others to enhance and maximise their creativity to solve large scale complex problems. He has seen how managing being in the ‘flow’ not only results in viable and cost effective solutions, quality output and productivity it is directly linked with personal access to one’s well-being, happiness, mental clarity and purpose. Throughout his professional career Michael has led design practices in London and Manchester, sat on a number of the UK governments design quality panels as well as teaching architecture and creativity in a number of Universities. As an architect Michael has worked on projects all over the world from Mexico City, Moscow, New York, London, Doha to Manchester.

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