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Feeling Bummed About Your Job Search? Here’s How To Boost Your Confidence And Find The Career Of Your Dreams

Posted by | February 24, 2020 | Advice, Career, Job Search

Via Forbes : Feeling Bummed About Your Job Search? Here’s How To Boost Your Confidence And Find The Career Of Your Dreams

The job search is hard—really hard. It’s hard because it’s unpredictable, it’s unpaid, and you have absolutely no idea when it’ll end. On top of that, there’s the potential of unending rejection. It’s easy to see why people stay in the wrong jobs—they want to avoid the often terrifying process of finding another one.

With that said, there’s a need for people to be their best at work now more than ever before. Businesses need energized, engaged employees in order to come up with the innovative ideas that will set them apart from competitors. Younger generations (such as Gen Z and the Millennials) also have a new set of desires—they don’t just want a job, they want a job that they love, one that provides meaning. This trend, combined with businesses’ need to have people perform at their best, makes it clear to see why job hopping is on the rise. Things are changing rapidly on both the employer and employee sides, and it’s causing jobs to do the same.

This means job searching every few years is going to be the norm, and we need to learn how to embrace it. The faster you can identify when a job isn’t the right fit for you, come up with an exit strategy, and confidently move on to your next opportunity, the better it will be for your happiness and your career.

OK, I know that sounds easier said than done. So, here are five ways to build your confidence and shift your mindset to seeing the job search as more than just a necessary evil.

1. Build Your Career Vision

In a quickly changing world, career visions are no longer about where you think you’ll be in 10 years. Rather, consider what you want to achieve in just a few years, and make sure it’s energizing for you to think about! Having this top of mind will help you when you’re making decisions. When you come across a new job opportunity, ask yourself: Will this set you on a path to actualize your vision? If not, then the answer is no. Skip the application and spend your time and energy on something that will be a better fit.

2. Learn Your Zone of Genius

Your Zone of Genius provides two data points that are absolutely essential to feeling fulfilled at work: your Genius and your Purpose. Your Genius is the kind of thinking or problem-solving that you’re best at, and your Purpose is the impact on the world or others that’s most meaningful to you. Know these two things, and you can confidently assess whether or not a potential job is a great fit for you. If you can’t be challenged intellectually or fulfilled by the impact that you’re having on others, then you can be confident in knowing that it’s a clear no.

3. Get Clear On Your Deal Breakers

You must be clear about the kind of work culture that you need in order to do your best work and what values align with your own. This is a great way to establish fit—and it’s your job in an interview to ask for specific evidence that people are actually living and breathing what the organization says they are. You also need to know your own personal red flags. This gets easier over time once you’ve had a few different types of work experiences, but start keeping a record of the deal breakers you’ve experienced so you don’t make the same mistake twice. It’s common for everyone to be on their best behavior in an interview, but know that things often change once you’re in the job. Ask specific questions and do some back-channel research about your deal breakers so that, if they’re present, you can easily walk away.

4. Constantly Build Your Network

When you have a strong network, you can lean on it during a job search—and that can be a huge confidence builder. After all, almost everyone’s willing to help someone who’s in transition. With that said, connecting with people needs to be something you do regularly, not just when you’re looking for a new opportunity. Building meaningful connections takes time.

5. Build an Emergency Fund

The further along you get in your career, the more likely it is that your job search may take six to 12 months. Having a financial cushion during that time is the greatest gift you can give yourself. This might not be realistic for everyone, but it’s something to start planning for as soon as you can. Nothing builds confidence more than being able to say no to jobs that aren’t right and having the patience to wait until you find the right one. If it’s not possible, don’t fear. This just means you’ll have to job search while you’re still employed. You’ll have a period of time when your schedule is pretty packed, but it’s necessary to remove the fear of not being able to pay the bills. In the meantime, start saving for your next big job transition as soon as you can.

Managing a job search is something we all have to do, and this will only increase in frequency over time. The sooner you can start seeing the experience as one that allows you to be more yourself and a chance to create new opportunities, the more likely you’ll end up creating the career of your dreams.

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