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Expect job outlook slowdown as employers hire less

Posted by | May 7, 2015 | Advice, Career

Via The Malay Mail Online : A downtrend in Malaysia’s job growth is expected for the second quarter this year as more employers intend to make fewer hires during this period, compared to the second half of last year, job search site Jobstreet.com said in its latest survey.

The Job Outlook survey analysis for Q2 2015, which was conducted on 930 HR personnel, managers and senior managers from 21 different industries and various companies, found that 41 per cent of employers plan on hiring less for the second half of 2015, a 27 per cent increase compared to just 14 per cent last year.

When polled on the challenges faced by employers in recruiting suitable candidates, 69 per cent of respondents disclosed that their biggest hurdle would be finding the right candidate for a specific position.

Forty-nine per cent of employers also cited high salary demands as one of the contributing factors to difficulty in securing candidates for jobs, and that employers also found it challenging for certain job positions to be filled by candidates— such as the engineering and the sales and marketing sector.

“Hiring the right employee is crucial towards the success of an organisation.

However, finding an employee who is able to contribute to your organisation and embrace your work culture is a challenging process,” Chook Yuh Yng, Country Manager, JobStreet.com Malaysia said in a statement accompanying the survey.

Jobstreet.com’s Employee Confidence Index (JECI) survey for the month of April also showed a drop in confidence among candidates in securing a decent job in Malaysia from 49 points last year to 43 points this year.

But despite this, the job search site maintained Malaysia’s job level is still high with an average of over 20,000 job openings on the JobStreet.com.

“From the JobStreet.com first quarter 2015 data, the manufacturing industry still leads the job market in terms of its number of job postings. Banking and Financial Services is another industry that continues to top the charts with its significant number of job postings.

“Specialisations that are on high demand include talent from Sales and Marketing, Accounting, Secretarial and Admin, ICT and Marketing, causing stiff competition for the employers,” the statement added.

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