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Enjoy Career Success in a Digital World

Posted by | August 5, 2015 | Advice, Career, How to

Via LinkedIn : “Put your head down, do your job, and treat others with respect.” That’s still great advice for a solid career, but it is no longer enough. You also need to acknowledge that our world has changed tremendously over the past 10 years, and this requires a few extra steps. Here’s four that make a huge difference…

We all get busy, and our best intentions fly out the window. For this reason, I start my day with a practice I call kindness first. As soon as I’m awake and at my computer, I look for people to help. This might mean introducing others, or sharing insightful but overlooked articles. This is also when I take the time to respond to questions from people who will never be my clients, but who have asked for my help nevertheless.

The practice shifts your focus from “me” to “others”. It’s not selfless, because an old-fashioned principle still applies: what goes around comes around.

The principle is widely misunderstood. It doesn’t mean that everyone you help… will help you. It means if you help others, day after day, someone will be there for you when you most need support.

So much stuff assaults us every day – emails, news updates, phone messages, advertisements, meeting materials, Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles, tweets, memos, billboards – that it all starts to blend together. You must be provocative, or you won’t even be noticed amidst all this commotion.

If you’ve ever thought, “I have trouble getting my voice heard,” this is part of the reason. Everyone has trouble in this regard.

Instead of simply saying what’s on your mind, think of concise and interesting ways to present your ideas. Challenge conventional wisdom, but have facts to back up your assertions.

Simply catching other people’s attention isn’t enough; you also have to be memorable. People cannot act on or live by what they don’t remember.

I’m using six images in this article. It took me longer to do that, but I’m hoping they will make it easier for you to remember the four principles I am sharing. For example, I hope you print or copy the big image at the bottom of this piece and save it for future reference.

The world is a much, much bigger place than your office… but at the same time, it shrinks every day. I have clients in India, the UK, Zaire, New Zealand and Australia. They all found me because I was interacting online.

These days, we can see who knows who – and who trusts who – simply by watching how others interact online. If you lurk in the background, or only post on Facebook with a few friends and family members, you are missing an essential element in your career.

Like it or not, much of business happens online. You must be active, visible, and constructive. Most importantly, you must be helping others more than you help yourself. (That’s yet another reason to start your day with kindness first.)

Don’t just do one of the four activities I’ve outlined. That won’t be enough. Do all four:


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