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Via Metro : Many people spend more of their life at work than anywhere else so it’s natural that you will get to know the people in your office very quickly indeed.

And while there are plenty of unique people who are too awesome to fit into any category, there is always at least one of the following anywhere you work.

How many do you recognise?

And which one are you?

1. The eager to please one

Bless them, they’ll do anything for brownie points whether it’s missing lunch or being the last to leave at the end of the shift. They will pipe up at every meeting just so the boss notices them and might not even feel comfortable calling the manager by their first name.

2. The work avoider

They have developed the most genius way of looking busy without actually achieving anything. Their social media is most active during work hours.

3. The bossy one with no real authority

Yeah, there is always one who likes to throw their weight around when they are the same rank as everyone else. Best just to let them have their moment.

4. The one who makes you cringe with what they say

This is the guy who will start a sentence with ‘I’m not racist but…’

5. The overly flirty one

Have they heard of personal space?

6. The clumsy one

If you sit beside this person, expect a spilled cup of tea at least once a day. Sorry is their most used word in the English vocabulary.

7. The work spy

Nice to your face but everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, gets fed back to the manager in an email at the end of the day entitled ‘Update’

8. The joker

Everything is a laugh when this person is around. Unless everyone is staying late at a training session and the banter is holding everyone up.

9. The IT phobe

How can you work in an office if you can’t find the on button on your computer? Also, ensure you get any printing done before their shift starts. Chances are that the Lexmark will have an ‘out of order’ sign on it soon.

10. The noisy eater

The one that makes lunchtime sheer hell.

11. The party animal

The person who comes in rough every morning with exciting tales of dancing, drink and debauchery to regale everyone with, making you feel bad that the biggest thrill of your night was finding two chunks of chicken in your microwave meal.

12. The quiet one

They tend to blend in but their air of mystery is intriguing and everyone suspects that they become a little bit insane once they leave the building.

13. The sensitive one

Your heart drops when you have to point out that they have made a mistake in case they burst into tears.

14. The one who works to rule

They check their contract after every request from management and would make an absolutely fantastic union rep.

15. The downright miserable one

They hate their job. They hate their colleague. They seem to hate everything.

16. The incessant chatterer

It’s pretty hard to concentrate when this person is regaling you with every single thing they said on the phone to their mum last night.

17. The desperate for romance one

Usually also the one that gives TMI when they do finally get some too.

Via LinkedIn : Gossip. Gossip. Gossip. Isn’t it all we really talk about today anyway? For the large part, the only news that gets reported daily is negative news. It gets ratings and it is also what fuels most people at work when they talk about their co-workers. People don’t talk about a job well done from a meeting that was well prepared. People don’t get excited and giddy about the promotion one of their friends got recently. People don’t high five each other at the end of a difficult project. Instead, people at work form cliques and groups and tend to spend more of their time whispering about who takes the most PTO days than they do focusing on their own self-improvement. Here are five reasons your coworkers will talk behind your back.

1. You Spend More Time In The Kitchen Than At Your Desk– Just like our homes, the office kitchen is the daily congregation place where office mates hang out and talk. While some people eat lunch at their desk every day, others, have managed to make themselves five or six meals and kill at least an hour or two a day grazing in the office kitchen. Coffee breaks, snack break, and of course a nice long chat during lunch. This is a target coworkers are sure to talk about behind your back.

2. Your Office Looks Like A Hurricane Zone– Trust me, the days you take off work, your coworkers will be snooping around your cubicle trying to figure out why it looks like a CSI Miami scene. In fact, unbeknowst to you, your desk has made Instagram and Vine with more fun being poked at it than a pinata. You don’t have to be a complete neat freak because that could have them talking about you as well, but certainly being the office Pigpen won’t make you a fan favorite.

3. You are known as the ‘office’ lampshade– When summer picnics and holiday parties roll around, you are famous for being the person who starts drinking shots and you end up winning the proverbial lampshade award every year. While you’ve thought it was cool and people shake your and hand smile at your face, the truth is that your office is making a ton of fun about you and this can really hurt your career. Drink too much at any functions and you can be 100% certain they’ll be talking about you in the lunchroom when you saunter back to your desk.

4. Your nickname is Johnny Drama– Being the office drama queen or king is a surefire way to get your coworkers to start talking about your back. Yelling at your spouse or kids on the phone at work, running in and out of the office taking private calls on your mobile phone, and having constant emergencies at home are an easy target for your to become the center of conversation. It’s great to share a little bit about your weekend and what goes on with your family, but make sure not to create a scene at work.

5. Too Much PTO and Sick Days– The truth is, everybody watches everybody at work and often challenge who is following policies and who is not. If you are the one who is taking the most PTO and Sick Days, your coworkers will notice because they’ll likely have to pick up the slack for the work that you miss. Being the office leader in these two categories will only lead to people talking more about you behind your back.

Consider this if you don’t think co-workers will gossip behind your back. Perez Hilton (the blogger not the socialite) is ranked 582nd in the United States in terms of traffic according to Alexa. As you grow your career and elevate yourself for the next promotion, make sure to not put yourself in the position of being the office punching bag.