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Via The Ladders : How to navigate the workday in style

Women should pursue the right style because of its ability to influence their career and personality in professional surroundings.

Business casual has become the new norm, sweeping through the workplace with its comfortable yet professional style. While this growing trend is less formal than the traditional corporate attire, that doesn’t mean it’s any less put together.

There is a delicate balance between formal and casual — one that must be weighed carefully to achieve a look that gives the right impression while providing all-day comfort. When it comes to perfecting the business casual look, there isn’t one single rule. The style will vary depending on the industry and its environment. However, it is crucial for both men and women to pull off this look because of its impact on their social image and everyday performance.

For women, in particular, business casual attire can be a diverse, ambiguous concept, making it difficult for them to pinpoint specific dos and don’ts. The options are nearly endless, with many of them contingent on current trends, industry or work environment.

Yet, despite the seemingly dizzying choices, women should pursue the right style because of its ability to influence their career and personality in professional surroundings. In today’s highly competitive corporate environment, appearances speak volumes, so the power of proper fashion apparel shouldn’t be overlooked.

To succeed in the modern workplace, the following key workwear elements can be implemented to enhance a woman’s professional status and advancement:

Professional attire

Industry, job title, and local climate are some of the factors that inspire professional attire. Traditionally, men wore dark suits, neckties, white shirts, etc., while women opted for suits, skirts, and tights or stockings. But the new trend in business casual has upheaved this old scenario, giving people the freedom to experiment and be creative with their personal style.

Women can now access more motivating and enjoyable fashion pieces, but that doesn’t mean their selections shouldn’t be carefully considered. The choice of colors is especially important since it can easily send the wrong message. Apparel that is too bright will turn heads and attract attention for the wrong reasons, conveying a negative impression of the person wearing the clothes.

In the workplace, business casual should be stylish yet subdued, and now that the top fashion brands are replacing the standard dark, grim suits and dresses with trendsetting casual styles that catch the eye, this is becoming much easier for both men and women to accomplish.

Dressing for an interview

Employers no longer expect women to wear full formal suits at job interviews. A great tip to nail the interview look is to mix elements of both formal and informal wear.

A woman can certainly wear a blazer, skirt or pants, but doesn’t have to combine them all to achieve the right look. A professional pencil skirt, for instance, can go well with a simple cardigan. The best way to determine the perfect attire is to dress for the job and industry that is being applied for.

In some cases, donning a full suit may be the ideal choice. And again, colors play an important role. For job interviews, it is recommended to stick with neutral tones such as black, gray, navy, brown, beige or white because a mélange of varying colors may distract and make an unfavorable first impression.

White collar vs. blue collar

Regardless of the industry, both white collar and blue collar jobs require employees to spend a significant amount of time without rest or downtime. Employees that dress comfortably will ultimately perform better, but this isn’t always possible for white collar workers who are subjected to standard formal dress codes that compromise comfort and mobility.

Traditional dress standards can also create a slew of problems that interfere with day-to-day productivity. Bracelets can jingle while typing, disrupting colleagues, while wearing stiletto heels can cause long-term health problems. That’s why the new business casual is the perfect alternative to rigid clothing rules. Adopting this trend enables employees to look professional while performing their tasks with added comfort and ease of movement.

Modern business casual

Contemporary business casual requires some thought before getting dressed. To look stylish yet professional and tidy, the right choice needs to be made. Wearing expensive brands isn’t the most viable option, and neither is donning a strapless dress and flip-flops. Instead, women can opt for a wide range of tops that are fashionable without being too revealing.

As for men, a sports coat with tailored slacks and an open-collared shirt will go a long way in a white-collar business casual environment.

Some important things to keep in mind

Whatever the job or industry, the most important aspect to consider when adopting modern business casual attire is to wear clothing that will reflect confidence and intelligence, and incite respect. Doing so will create a positive image of one’s personality and send the right message to colleagues, clients, and superiors. Wearing apparel that is too fancy, sloppy, lazy or distressed will hinder an employee’s professional growth and let others know he or she shouldn’t be taken seriously.

On the same token, clothing should be well fitted because items that hang off the body or cling too much will give the impression that appearance isn’t a priority, thus turning people away from crucial work connections and collaboration. The business casual dress code should also not be limited to clothing because accessories can enhance any outfit. The key is to use them correctly. An expensive diamond wristwatch, for instance, would not go well with a casual style.

When it comes to special events that require travel, it is essential to dress to impress — possibly donning a more traditional formal attire — since most professional affairs are a representation of the business itself. Similarly, corporate environments such as those of the finance or legal industries may also require employees to adopt this formal style. On the other hand, tech startups or construction businesses may encourage their team members to implement the business casual trend. But in all circumstances, a woman’s best look is her confidence, and this, she should wear with pride and dignity no matter where she goes.

Via CEO World : Work Fashion For Young Entrepreneurs In 2019

With globalization and a lot of changes in financial empowerment, more people are showing interest in getting into the business and making the best out of it. Running a business usually involves a lot of meetings, social interactions and maintaining good fashion sense as well.

For all those influential women entrepreneurs, here are some of work fashion ideas which keep the style upbeat:

Go Monochrome: While contrasting colors is one hottest trend which never goes old, this year is catching up with the age-old monochrome ideas. Style your blazer, formal shirt and trousers with the same color and also team it up with matching footwear and accessories. This trend always works with earthly colors such as White, Black, and Tan.

Flowy Skirt: If you are willing to add a few feminine features to your outfit, flowy skirt is a perfect choice. Choose a material like a chiffon or crepe which is also easy to maintain in the long run. Team the skirt with a plain full handed shirt, with a fancy collar as well. Complete the look with pointed heels or even a white sneaker pair which goes flawless!

Pretty Pinstripes: Any outfit with pinstripes works like wonders for a formal occasion or a business meeting. If you are choosing a pinstriped trouser, balance it with a plain white shirt. Don’t forget to add the pointed stilettoes to honor the amazing look. Choose the accessories carefully with silver tinge watch, or an elegant bracelet.

Pencil Skirts: This trend never goes out of fashion irrespective of the business you are in. It is ideal to choose a solid color for the pencil skirt to look confident and elegant in the outfit. Team up the dress with oversized sunglasses and a high ponytail to add an interesting edge!

Knee Length Formal Dress: For those who are into the fashion industry or the media, an elegant knee-length dress is a perfect fit. Make sure you choose a dress which is not that revealing and made of easily maintainable material. Solid sober colors go perfectly magical for this choice.

Mild Prints: Using heavily laden floral prints are a big no-no for a work fashion perspective but a mild print either on the trousers or a shirt is definitely a plus. Choose the prints which define your inner character as the outfit usually speaks for your mind. Pair the outfit with plain sandals and an appealing scarf to suit the occasion.

Tan Thrill: Tan is one of those colors which match all occasions and all body types. Invest in a good quality tan trench coat which becomes a savior for almost every work outfit. It also keeps you protected under the severe winter cold wind. This color also has the wonderful capacity to neutralize every outfit with its grace and poise.

Skinny Jeans: Entrepreneurs in the creative and fashion industry are choosing to dress semi-casual and it has become the hottest trend off late. These confident individuals are not hesitating to choose bold colors or add a formal touch to a casual attire like skinny jeans. Make sure that the jeans suit your body type and quite comfortable to wear.

Via The Ladders : Want to seem more promotable? Add these 6 Items to your wardrobe

I’ve outlined a few key outfit staples you can easily and comfortably wear on a daily basis, because the last thing you should be stressing out over is what you want to wear on important days at work.

Building the perfect workplace wardrobe can be hard, but I’m here to help you along the way. I’ve outlined a few key outfit staples you can easily and comfortably wear on a daily basis, because the last thing you should be stressing out over is what you want to wear on important days at work. Let me help you with your look, so you can focus on your next promotion. Here are six wardrobe pieces that scream “promotable.”

1. The perfect blazer.

The blazer is the classic women in the workplace wardrobe staple. Every woman needs a solid versatile blazer. Whether you prefer a chic black, a gray and black plaid or a brighter stand-out color (I love a good turquoise!), the blazer can take your work attire from entry level to professional and confident. Plus, you can easily transition a fun blazer into a post-work happy hour look!

2. A comfortable pair of mules or loafers.

Let’s face it: while we all love a good empowering high heel, standing on your feet all day (and walking to work on your daily commute) is less than ideal in a pair of pumps. Unless you have developed a super power of high heel tolerance, you’re probably ready to ditch those liabilities for some flats. Mules and/or loafers give you the comfort — as well as the professional look — that can be confidently worn all year round. We recommend a classic black, but navy can also be paired with many outfit choices as well.

3. A favorite black dress.

Just like every woman needs a little black dress for those weekend date nights, she also needs a professional black dress for those busy mornings where you just don’t have the time to search for an outfit. A go-to look that can easily be snagged when you’ve got bigger fish to fry and only want to find one article of clothing for the day. And put the blazer over top of the dress and you’ve got two easy ready-to-go work outfits.

4. A suit.

Maybe your workplace doesn’t require you wear a suit on a daily basis, but purchasing a comfortable and stylish suit is a wardrobe investment worth making for big days with decision makers. Until then, you can make the suit more casual by wearing the pieces separately or wearing a bright cotton shirt underneath the jacket.

5. An everyday work bag.

We all know we feel better about our look when we have the purse to match it. You work hard; you deserve to treat yourself to a long-lasting work bag that is spacious enough to fit all your career necessities and stylish enough to complement your look of the day.

6. A comfortable block heel.

While I recommend wearing flats as often as possible (who doesn’t?!), I also understand that sometimes you just simply can’t. Get yourself a workplace heel you can rock all day without needing a foot massage by the time you get home. A block heel provides the professional look of your standard high heeled shoe, but without the pain that normally comes along with it. And block heels come in a variety of heel heights, which is perfect if you’re just looking for a little something extra.

Via Thrive Global : How to keep your personal style when dressing business casual at work

Now more than ever, workplace dress codes have relaxed to suit a more casual style. Here’s how to achieve a professional look that’s still ‘you’.

We might not like to admit it, but how we dress at work plays a role in how we are perceived by our colleagues and clients. While dress codes have relaxed over the years, this has made the issue of “what to wear” much more complicated. Can you wear a sweater to work? What about sneakers?

Business casual has evolved to adjust to our new attitudes, meaning we can still put a professional foot forward but in a more comfortable and relaxed way. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

Oversized jumpers or sweater dresses

An oversized turtleneck jumper can look smart at work.

For women, oversized jumpers or sweaters and simple sweater dresses are a great option in a business casual workplace. Out of the office, you might wear a sweater with distressed jeans and sneakers. At work, you can style it with a skirt and leggings or black skinny jeans—pulled together with a pair of heeled boots. Try to avoid distressed jeans or clothing that is too revealing as this might be considered inappropriate for the office.

Fit for your shape

Where possible, opt for clothing that fits you correctly whether it’s meant to be worn fitted or loose. Tailor your business pants if they’re too long, and if wearing a cropped shirt be sure to have something on underneath or over the top. This helps you look more polished while still allowing you to feel comfortable.


The type of shoes you wear can set the tone of an outfit—sneakers or sport shoes might not be an issue in a more casual workplace, but business casual workplaces prefer footwear that is closer to office attire, for example boots, modest heels or loafers. If you’re really not into heels, you can still wear loafers, dress shoes or flats in a business casual setting.

Tasteful jewellery

Jewellery can be a great way to accessorise and personalise your outfits. A business casual workplace suits subtle jewellery like a small gold chain with a pendant or conservative earrings. Watches are also very much fine to wear at work. Avoid costume jewellery or anything too “loud” and bracelets that jangle or make noise are to be avoided also.

Tips for men

Dress shirts and trousers are an easy go-to for most men in a business setting. You may be able to wear collared polos depending on how flexible your workplace is with regards to dress. Business casual usually means smart but comfortable, so there’s no need to wear restrictive suits or a tie. You can wear comfortable leather dress shoes—as long as your shoes are in great condition it’s a safe bet.

While it might seem like a restriction on your freedom to wear what you like, pulling together a corporate image is important. As a representative of a business, you must appear capable (especially if you are dealing with clients or stakeholders) and your appearance plays a significant role in this.

Hopefully these tips can help you create a look you feel comfortable in, that also reflects the expectations of your workplace dress code.

Via Who What Wear : Entrepreneurs Agree: Everyone Should Own This One Piece for Work

It would be impossible to sit here and declare that everyone’s work wardrobe should look the same. Given that dress codes vary widely, from strictly corporate to relaxed casual, an outfit that works for one office might not work for another. But no matter what your work environment warrants, there’s one clothing item that’s been deemed an absolute must-have by women who successfully founded their own businesses: a tailored black blazer.

We interviewed seven stylish women behind the businesses we love as part of our Female Founded series (which you should definitely check out, if you haven’t already). Each of them shared their personally valuable pieces of advice on how to dress powerfully and professionally, but almost everyone agreed that a solid black blazer was the number one piece to invest in for work and beyond. Below, read what they have to say about this key piece.

Our very own Clique Brands co-founder Hillary Kerr: “A really beautifully tailored blazer will get you through so many situations. Wear it with a skirt or trousers for more formal days or with jeans for a more casual look; it’s so versatile and will always ensure you look professional.”

Finery co-founder and actress Brooklyn Decker: “If all else fails, a T-shirt and a blazer will serve you well—in the office and out.”

CultureBanx founder Kori Hale: What’s the number one piece to invest in for a work wardrobe, we asked? “A good blazer that can be worn year-round.”