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Can’t Get Job Interviews? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong

Posted by | September 6, 2017 | Interviews, Tips

Via Forbes : Can’t Get Job Interviews? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong

Dear Liz,

I didn’t expect to be job-hunting in 2017 because I only started my current job in late 2015.

However, my company is selling off business units left and right.

I don’t want to sit around and wait for the day my job gets eliminated, so I’m job-hunting at night and on the weekends.

I can’t get an interview to save my life and it’s weird because I’ve always gotten interviews pretty easily before.

I’m not sure why my job search efforts aren’t working yet, but it’s frustrating.

I must have filled out 40 online job applications so far, but I haven’t had one interview.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks Liz –



Dear McCoy,

You are employed. That makes you a favored job candidate for a lot of employers, so it is strange that you aren’t getting interviews.

One of these two things isn’t working properly:

1. Your branding (resume and LinkedIn profile) might be holding you back, and/or

2. Your approach to employers may be less than optimal.

There are only two elements in your initial approach to employers.

The first element is your brand.

Make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are positioning you correctly for the jobs you want. Get a friend to read both documents and help you tell your story more powerfully.

The second element is the channel you employ — that is, the way you introduce yourself to the organization you want to work for — and the other element is your message.

Your message is your brand. When you apply for a job, your goal is to send the message “I can perform this job with no problem. In fact, my perspective and my experience make me a top candidate for the job!”

If you are applying for jobs online but doing nothing else to reach employers, you are relying on the weakest possible job search channel.

Filling out online job applications is the worst way to get a new job, because so many other applicants are in the same pipeline with you and because employers use keyword-searching technology to find people to interview.

Keyword-searching algorithms are a horrible way to hire people, but also the most common process used by medium-sized and large employers.

You can’t afford to pin your job-search hopes on Black Hole recruiting portals where resumes go to die.

You can write directly to your own hiring manager — your possible future boss — using a Pain Letter.

Here are four other job search channels to consider:

1. Recruiters

2. Networking

3. Alumni groups

4. Consulting

If you have always snagged new jobs easily before, you may have a recruiter-friendly resume of the type that search consultants would like to have.

You can find local recruiters in your area of expertise by searching LinkedIn, asking your contacts and attending local business networking events where you will either meet recruiters or meet people who can recommend a search partner for you.

Networking is an excellent, long-term job search channel because networking doesn’t work instantly. Since you have a job, you have time to re-establish old relationships and cultivate new ones, but you have to invest time and energy into the networking channel for it to bear fruit.

Your college alumni association may be a great job search channel too, whether you live in the area of your alma mater or many time zones away.

Finally, you can get business cards and begin networking as a consultant, rather than a job-seeker.

This is especially important because you currently employed. You can take on small consulting projects on your off-work hours, and use that channel to enlarge your network — and perhaps consult your way into your next job!

All the best —


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