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On Boarding is a Part of the Hiring Process

Posted by | February 17, 2015 | Employer, Hiring, On Boarding

Via LinkedIn : Does your company have an On Boarding program for your new hires? Did you know that 60% of new hires decide whether to stay with their new employer within 6 months of employment? Did you know that 1 in 25 new hires leave their new employer because of a poor On Boarding program? How do you on board your new employees? Do you merely show them their work station after they have filled out their tax and insurance forms and let them figure it out for themselves? My second job after serving in the Army was at a branch sales office of a Fortune 500 company. This was many years ago. Basically, I was given a price list, a pad of paper, an order pad, a pencil and shown to my work station. Oh, I was also told not to discuss salary with anyone or you could be fired.

Today is a totally different world. Because they understand the cost of an employee leaving, many companies have developed a formal On Boarding program as a part of their hiring process. This program can sometimes last 1 year or longer. It usually consists of 3 stages. They are:
1. Prepare, arrive and perform.
2. Feedback.
3. Face to face communications.

Does your company have an on boarding strategy? If so, is it well publicized in the company? Or, is it one of those corporate secrets? Is the strategy a formal one or an informal one? The formal strategy is more deliberate. It usually comes in the form of coordinated policies, activities and procedures that aim to help new hires to adjust to their new environment and become engaged employees.

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