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Your Biggest Risk is Not Taking One

Posted by | December 5, 2014 | Career, Risk


Via LinkedIn : Your biggest risk is not taking one – As you look back on your career and life to date, where do you wished you’d been a little braver, trusted in yourself more, and been less cautious in the chances you took? Taking risks in your life is not a question of choice, but a matter of necessity. You see, what you have to understand is that the greater the risk you take, the bolder you are in your endeavors, and the greater are the consequent rewards and achievements.

Taking bold moves will give you an edge over everyone – attention and visibility. Starting from your initial time at a university admissions office up to your career. All admission offices are flooded with thousands of applications, all marked with sharp sets of qualifications and awards, and one of the files in that pile happens to be yours. Same is true once you graduate and are starting your career. Your future employer has stacks of resumes full of magnitudes of talent. How do you stand out? Why do you stand out? There are countless ways to achieve this however it comes down to your brand image.

In today’s society, having the guts to take a risk and go about doing anything is a desirable quality, because in an unconventional world, unconventional tasks are common currency. You need to define yourself to prove your ability to conquer any task, to do the dirty work if needed, to go beyond what’s asked and innovate the next big thing!

What throws people the most is everyone’s preconceived notion of how things are supposed to be. We are our own worst enemy. We over-estimate the probability of something going wrong. We exaggerate the consequences of what might happen if it does go wrong. We under estimate our ability to handle the consequences of risk. End of the day, the worst case scenario is that we are right back where we started. What do we even have to lose? There will always be opportunity out of defeat. Stop wishing for change and things to be different when you can simply make them. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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