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Darren Gouk – https://my.myaonelearning.com

My Aone is the Airbnb for LOCAL classes in Malaysia.

We believe “Anyone Can Teach, Everyone Can Learn!”

We are one of the hottest and fastest growing startups in Malaysia.

We wish to connect anyone who wishes to teach and anyone with a desire to learn.

Freelance instructors can use this platform to structure their lessons and market online, as well as to apply jobs posted by learners.

Learners and Parents can browse and subscribe lessons, and also can post a lesson request for the lesson providers to apply.

Private learning groups or centers can use this platform as their online marketing strategy to promote their service, with the effort to recruit more students to enroll their classes and to search suitable instructors to work with them.

This will be a skill marketplace for freelance instructors, learning centres and students to list, browse and book for offline lessons.

Our services are available in website and mobile apps.

The founders and team members will teach you how to pitch and make an impression within seconds. Build the skills that will give you the confidence to ask for anything, and get it. You’ll learn how to get things done and be a person of action.

Interested? Send an email with your CV to founders@myaonelearning.com

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