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IME Group of Companies – http://www.cadcam.com.my/

The Best-in-Class Design and Manufacturing Solution Provider

Started by founder Mr. Teoh as a CNC servicing company, IME has grown into a leading product design and manufacturing solution provider in Malaysia since 1980s. With a vast clientele from corporations, government sectors and education partners, IME has established strong presence locally and expanded business coverage nationwide.

With innovation at its core, IME effortlessly pursues the best-in-class design solutions and new technologies, and today, IME is carrying more than 25 international leading brand solutions. Coupled with our experienced and highly qualified engineers, these tailored solutions are not only catered to engineering needs, but solutions that help our partners to grow.

Our core business includes:
* Distribution of CAD/CAM/CAE Software solutions, Rapid Prototyping (3D Printers), 3D Scanners.
* Consultancy and Engineering Services
* Technical Support Training and Certification Courses

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