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Global PCK Solutions Sdn Bhd was formed in year 2011 among individuals who carry years of technical knowledge and business experience inherited from each unique background in construction industry and software development. The formation of GLOBAL PCK started by the notion and the vision of providing real practical solutions to the construction industry by means of utilizing existing technologies. The company was awarded MSC Malaysia Status on 5th October 2012. The founder of the company has more than 15 years experienced in construction software industry.
GLOBAL PCK had initially developed its owned product called “BuildSpace Pro” which is a solution specially designed to cater for the needs of construction industry communities such as QS Consultants, Contractors & Sub Contractors. Subsequently, “BuildSpace eProject” was developed due to the demand from local developers and main contractors who are looking for a total Project Management Solution to handle their projects more effective way and reduce relying on man power.
GLOBAL PCK not only promoting its products but also providing professional IT consultation services to the clients who want to digitize their entire business processes.

Besides, the company also is the sole distributor of “BUILDSOFT” Software since year 2000 and “MudShark” Earthwork Estimating Software since year 2012 (both software are carried under PCK SALES & SERVICE (No: 001238969-U) which was formed in year 2000).

BUILDSOFT is an Australian products and the company with its head office in Sydney called Buildsoft Pty Ltd. BUILDSOFT was established in 1986 to develop and market computer software for the building and construction industry. They are staffed by an enthusiastic team with many years of experience in the building industry and qualifications in computer science.

In Malaysia, BUILDSOFT products have quickly become the industry standard and our client base has exceeded 100 companies. Some of the projects that BUILDSOFT Global Estimating has been used on include the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KL Twin Tower, new Hong Kong Airport as well many of the developments for the Olympic Games in Sydney in the year 2000.

MudShark software was developed by BrightBox Software Pty Ltd from Australia. MudShark is the next generation onscreen take off software for delivering precise earthwork estimates in record time. It allows you to easily calculate, track and analyse material for your earthworks projects in a richly interactive fully 3D environment.

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