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Bioalpha Holdings Berhad (BHB) is a listed company in Bursa Malaysia, is an integrated health supplement company principally involved in agricultural, research and developments, manufacturing, sale of food and health supplement products, as an ODM, as well as under the Company’s proprietary house brands.
Our health supplement products comprise processed herbs, formulated ingredients, functional foods as well as herbal and non-herbal supplements which offer a variety of health benefits including detoxification, immune system health, blood glucose regulation and brain health, as well as beauty benefits such as weight management and anti-aging.
我们的公司主要从事制造及销售半成品和成品保健品,作为ODM 以及根据本公司专有的自有品牌。我们的保健品包括加工药材,配料配方,功能性食品,以及草药和非草药补充剂它提供了多种健康益处,包括排毒,提高免疫系统,血糖调节和大脑的健康,还有美容的好处,如体重管理和延缓衰老。

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