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Are You A Boss Or A Leader?

Posted by | July 22, 2015 | Leadership, Workplace

Via LinkedIn : Never work for a boss, work for a leader. Whether you are looking for a job in a new company, or looking to hire someone for a lead position in your company, the difference between extreme success and a complete disaster, depends on the person leading the team. The candidate with the right leadership character far outweighs the skill set, or details on their resume.
Here are 7 key points that highlight the difference between a boss & a leader.

Bosses: See What’s There

Leaders: See What’s Not There

There is always a lot to do, and it is absolutely imperative to know everything that needs to get done. When things aren’t done, you must be able to find out what was left out and how to get it done. However, smart leaders know to look further and dig deeper. Why wasn’t it done. Learning how your team works best is a must. Whether it is the atmosphere, lunch break, quiet in the office or any other elements that may not necessarily be the most noticeable, is the mark of a great leader.

Bosses: Everyone Knows When Their Ego Walks Through The Door

Leaders: Check Their Egos At The Door

There is no question success depends on everyone respecting authority and working together to get things done. However, an ego is the biggest killer of success. Smart leaders know to check their egos at the door. As the saying goes, “Power corrupts, complete power completely corrupts”. If your focused on success, you will emerge a leader. If you focus on becoming a leader you will have no success.

Bosses: Love To Talk

Leaders: Listen More Than They Talk

As the saying goes, “the best way to kill a great idea is to call a meeting”. When something has to get done, notify those who need to know and then shut up. Bosses love to talk and give orders. Smart leaders know to listen. Let everyone else do the talking and pay close attention to what others say and learn from them.

Bosses: Light A Fire Under You

Leaders: Light A Fire IN You

If you can’t motivate your team to produce and succeed, you are not fit for the job. In order to accomplish this, many bosses will make sure everyone knows who’s boss. Smart leaders know, the best way to achieve results is to inspire your team to reach greatness. Never out of fear of underachieving, but as excitement towards their success.

Bosses: Tell Everyone They Know Everything

Leaders: Admit Openly They Make Mistakes

Making mistakes are usually embarrassing and sometimes cost you and the company money. Many bosses will react by covering it up, or worse, by blaming others. Smart leaders know how to admit their mistakes. They understand that, not only are mistakes obviously inevitable, they actually help you achieve greatness and earn the respect of others. When others know that the leader understands them, they will be less nervous themselves, which will actually cause them to make less mistakes.

Bosses: Criticize

Leaders: Praise

When something goes wrong its easy to criticize. In fact, you must approach the one who made the mistake and point it out. However, bosses use this as an opportunity to criticize. Smart leaders know you will accomplish a lot more through praise. Sure you have to make someone answer up, and be responsible. However, you can see what they did well and begin with that. Once they know you are there to help them and you notice what they have accomplished, you can let them know what they need to improve.

Bosses: Investors In Their Business

Leaders: Investors In PEOPLE

Perhaps the biggest difference between a boss and a leader, is this. It is certainly a must, to have your boss a smart investor in business. Making decisions requires someone who has an excellent understanding of what is best for the business. However, smart leaders know that in order to succeed you have to be an investor in people. Smart ideas are worth a lot of money, smart leaders make smart ideas a reality.

What has been your experience? What would you add to the list of key elements to look for in a leader? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and follow for future articles, here and on Twitter.

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