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A Millennial on What Companies Need to Do to Lure Us In

Posted by | June 10, 2015 | Employer, Hiring, Millennial

Via LinkedIn : Being born in 1994 lumps me with all babies from the 80’s up to 2000, making me a millennial. We’re scoffed; “ those silly millennials.” We’re applauded; “those savvy millennials!” But what are we, and why would you want to hire one?

Lets dispel some common myths about millennials:

Perception: Millennials are lazy

Reality: Millennials are passionate, and work smarter, not harder. We use technology, innovative thinking, and yes, social media, to get things done. Hiring a millennial is an excellent opportunity to bring new ideas and skills to your company, backed by an exceptional work ethic.

Perception: Millennials are conceited

Reality: Millennials aren’t conceited- we’re inspired. I am truly inspired by those who came before me, people who have given me the confidence to believe that anything is possible. The reason millennials make lofty statements is because they believe they can work to back those statements up. Millennials are collaborators. Hiring a millennial means you are bringing innovative thinking and inspiration into your employee mix.

Perception: Millennials are unrealistic

Reality: Millennials are optimists. We have seen great success stories in the past, and know they are possible in our future. We want to see companies, governments, and schools supporting social and environmental causes because we believe we can change the world for the better. If you a hire a millennial, you can expect us to be on top of current events. We will know how to give your company an edge and will contribute to the company’s ability to positively impact the community.

Millennials are passionate, hard working, inspired, and optimistic. You want us on your team.

Here’s how to lure us in:

Create a College-Like Environment:

College is an extraordinarily productive time for go-getter millennials.

We balance leadership in extracurricular activities with community service while striving to maintain grades that reflect the depth of our knowledge and dedication to our coursework. Semester after semester we conquer what seemed like insurmountable challenges. In college, millennials collaborate, celebrate, and innovate.

By creating a college-like atmosphere in the workplace, companies can attract and capitalize on millennials and their talents. Through inspirational guest speakers, work socials, and employee created special programs, companies can support millennials who will in turn be both incredibly productive and happy at work.

Create opportunities to give back:

Millennials want opportunities to make a positive difference.

Danielle Robinson is the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Jackson National Life. As both a millennial and a manager, Danielle shares her insights:

Millennials want to work for a company that first of all provides a product or service that actually makes the world a better place or improves peoples quality of life. And then from there, we also want the chance to volunteer with out coworkers and know that the company we work for is a good neighbor.

Companies that are responsible neighbors and stewards will attract and retain millennials, who want their work to be meaningful and impactful.

Remember the basics:

Millennials want to earn your respect.

Millennials are seeking fair paying jobs with opportunities to learn and develop our skills. A supportive and accepting workplace culture will facilitate millennials’ productivity. They will not hesitate to look to others for guidance and can comfortably contribute to become an integral part of any team.

While the allure of free catered lunches and foosball tables will always appeal to us, my millennial peers working at startups, foundations, and major corporations all agree that we’re really looking for opportunities to work hard and grow in respectful environments.

We truly believe we can work somewhere where our values, time, and well-being are respected. I know that is what I am looking for. #MillennialMe

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