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6 Reasons Why You Haven’t Been Promoted

Posted by | May 24, 2016 | Career

Via Forbes : Although the majority of millennials see themselves as leaders, a smaller percentage actually hold leadership roles. Haven’t been promoted? It could be due to one of these six reasons.


1. You overwork

Working longer hours can actual devalue your work, it shows you can do twice the work for a lower salary. The hardest working employees may not be rewarded with a promotion, but with more work at the same pay.

2. You’re not curious

If you pretend like you know everything, people will think that you don’t want to learn. People appreciate when you show interest.


3. You’re agreeable

Your boss will admire you if you stand up for yourself and stand behind your opinion. Employees who are agreeable tend to receive fewer promotions.


4. You’re untrained

You aren’t proficient in the skills your employer is looking for, like written and oral communication skills. Request training in areas that need attention.


5. You’re clingy

You may think that constantly checking in with your supervisor is conscientious. but it comes across as clingy and hints at underlying insecurity. Make sure you communicate when you need to and know how frequently you should check in.


6. You’re alone

If you don’t have a mentor, you may not be sure of exactly what to do or where to go next when determining your career path. Getting guidance from others can help point you in the right direction.

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