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5 Tips to Boost Workplace Productivity

Posted by | February 22, 2016 | Productivity

Via Ecopreneurist : Employees spend a majority of their week in the office, and some of those hours might be more productive than others. But if you’re feeling like your team is being a big more sluggish than usual, here are 5 tips to help boost workplace productivity (and keep your employees happier).

1. Right Lights

Studies show that fluorescent lighting can make people feel weak and can cause eyestrain, so swapping out old lights for natural light (the best option) or natural spectrum LEDs can make a big difference. Inc. Magazine reports that increased levels of blue light can help keep employees more alert.

2. Encourage Breaks

While it might seem counterproductive to include breaks as part of productivity list, studies show that giving our brain a needed rest can make us more productive, more focused, and help us figure out solutions to problems since our brains only stay focused for about 90 minutes. Lest you think you’re too busy to take a break (and don’t we all!), Fast Company reminds us that breaks help us from becoming bored (and thus unfocused), help us ‘daydream’ and work out new issues and retain more information, and give you the space needed to reevaluate the goals and tasks at hand. Even if you feel guilty about taking breaks, knowing that in total it makes you more productive overall should get you to step away from the screen.

3. Create Workspace Options

As co-working spaces have increased in number and popularity, there is a lot of debate about whether this open layout is helpful or hurtful. While it depends on the person, it also depends on the task at hand. For easier work, studies show that noise levels and interruptions actually stimulate faster work, but for deep-thinking, focused work, interruptions can hinder progress. Inc. Magazine reports that having options for both quiet space and open space so that employees can find their best place for their best work habits.

4. Avoid (Unnecessary) Meetings

There’s nothing that can throw off the flow of a good day than a meeting that drags you down. Amit Chowdhry explains on Forbes that some meetings are high priority, but others might be a waste of your time. You can allow one or two days a week for meetings only, and the rest of the week can be focused on work. He writes of another company that used meetings only for the project principles– others would just receive notes. This frees up your time to focus on the important work at hand. And if you have your HR services streamlined and your time and attendance records taken care of with a company like Advance Systems can help free up your time for more productive work.

5. Have Fun & Boost Positivity

Whether it’s a monthly game day, a quick community lunch break, or a ping-pong table in the breakroom, giving employees a little down time can boost morale and encourage their brains to work better (see tip #2). Other sources suggest giving employees time off to pursue volunteer activities as a way to build team cohesiveness and better the community. It’s also important to cultivate a culture of positivity, by expressing gratitude, giving thanks, and reflecting on the workday have been proven to improve daily happiness levels, which is a good exercise for us all.

Source : ECOPRENEURIST | 5 Tips to Boost Workplace Productivity

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