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5 Key Characteristics Of The Best Team Players

Posted by | April 7, 2015 | Communication, Teamwork, Workplace

Via Careerealism : From a young age, we’re told there’s no ‘I’ in team, and that teamwork is an essential part of success. Part of being on a team requires us to contribute something valuable to our teammates. There are certain qualities that all great team players bring to the table, and there’s no denying that the best teams want them.

For many businesses, success is born from the collaboration of innovative team players. In fact, teamwork and collaboration are described as “very important” by nearly 75% of employers.

Here are the five key characteristics of the best team players:

1. Self-Motivated

Someone who wants to see their efforts make a positive change is destined to do just that. The great thing about being self-motivated is that your fellow employees recognize that you’re reliable and accountable for not only doing your part but doing it well.

With little prompting, you aspire for growth, which helps the people around you grow, too. To find the team where you’ll fit right in, look for jobs in places that Bobby describes as somewhere “you’re able to see your influence and decisions directly correlate with something happening.” Your teammates will love you for it.

2. Sharp

While wanting to succeed is half the battle, the other crucial element is having the skills to do so. If you are an astute observer and easily adapt to a company’s changing needs, you will be especially well-prepared to apply your skills to any given situation. Sharp people don’t need someone to keep them on their toes; they’re already moving because they’ve taken the next steps before they’re needed.

These people are great team players because they set the bar high and know how to keep pushing it higher.

3. Flexible

Without the ability to adapt for any curve ball, a team will find themselves swinging and missing. It’s necessary to have team players who are flexible. Not to be confused with being a pushover, being flexible implies that you are willing and able to accommodate your team members’ needs, varying projects or timeframes, and wearing multiple hats.

Flexibility allows you to grow as a professional and as a team. Pam Crombie, The Grommet’s Sr. Accountant, says she loved the application process with the company because the team was flexible, right away, for someone they hadn’t even met yet. Flexibility in your interactions ensures that you can focus on fostering the right relationships on your team.

4. Accessible

Your team can’t rely on you if they have to spend all day chasing you. While great teams recognize that you’re busy, team players always make it a point to communicate clearly (and often!) with their cohorts. Part of working together efficiently means mastering the art of concise emails and meetings over coffees/beers/beverages-of-choice.

Accessibility is kind of like respect; if you want it, you should show it, too. From the newest members to the leaders running the team, being accessible gets things done. When talking about The Grommet’s CEO, Jules Pieri, Pam shares that Jules is the kind of approachable person whose door is always open. This goes to show that great team players can be found at any level of employment.

5. Passionate

The greatest achievements are accomplished because someone truly cared about the work. If you can bring passion for the team’s purpose, then you’re a team player who everyone wants to play alongside. In any job, it’s important – not just for our team, but for our own happiness – that we believe in the mission of our work. Not every day will be perfect, but in a job where we’re passionate, everyday is worthwhile. This impacts the kind of effort and commitment we show our team, and as a result, affects the company’s progress.

If you seek out a position that supports your interests, you’ll be a happier, better team player.

Above all else, the best team players are proud of their teams! Are you a team player?

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