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3 Characteristics of Great Salesman

Posted by | April 30, 2015 | Career, Career Planning Process

Via LinkedIn : A great salesman is defined by their customers. Customers that are willing to come back, seek them out, pass referrals, and at the end of the day, they like doing business with them.

Among those traits, likeability is one of the most powerful traits a sales person can obtain. Achieving it requires communication skills that allows an open and honest conversation; without being perceived as “just a sales person”. Customers believe that most sales people will say anything or do anything to close a deal and because of this perception, customer are equally willing to saying anything to get out of the sale pitch. So, how can a salesman get to know their customer and achieve likeability when the customer won’t tell them what they need to know? The 3 following tips will help you achieve likeability and avoid the typical perception of salesman altogether.

  • Proper Posturing
  • Qualitative Questioning
  • Simply Showing Emotion

Posture like you truly care about what you do, sell like you don’t need the sale and listen like you NEED the answer.

Ask questions with respect to the customers position and experience. The customer does not always know what they what, but they do not want the sales person telling them what they want. Understanding the reason why the customer is there, is the best way to start an easy conversation, “What brings you in today?”. Be their student for a moment, so you can apply what you learn from your customer to your area of expertise. Customers will volunteer opportunities for you to stop the conversation and ask an ego question. “How did you handle that?” “Where do you find the time?” “That has to be difficult!” Stroking ego does two things, it complements the recipient and makes them feel as though they are being recognized. Second, it reduces the need people have to talk about themselves, and allows you to easily transition to sharing testimonials and stories about you and your successes.

Emotion is key! The best sales person has mastered the art of having fun at what they do, or what they sell. They enjoy what they do, and they truly believe in their product and what it can do for others. Smile and have a good time with your prospects before ever asking for the sale. Think of the things in your own life that make you emotionally vulnerable and happy. Sharing these stories or even just thinking of these stories will bring out your natural smile and emotions. This will create a comfortable and relatable environment, which is what makes a true, and valuable connection with someone; that is the same connection you want to achieve with all of your customers.

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