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Four job interview skills you need to become more hirable

Posted by | February 29, 2016 | Interviews

Via Toronto Sun : Do you ever size yourself up against a job posting, mentally checking off each requirement as you read through it? You may know how to expertly operate 10 different software programs and mentally calculate complex equations, but don’t get too caught up in matching the complete list of technical assets — the transferable skills you already have might just be what you need to set yourself apart from the pack.

Here are four ways you can convince hiring managers you have what it takes to do the job well — just by showing off your everyday skills.


Written skills aren’t just important for those who work in writing and editing positions, they’re valuable assets to have in any occupation. When thinking about a typical day at work, you likely spend some time on e-mails and creating proposals, or reports. The power of words can be huge, especially if your job entails working with clients and stakeholders.

In a job interview, it’s tricky to show an employer you have strong spelling and syntax but not everything is based on your actual discussion. Be mindful of your writing in your cover letter and resumé, portfolio, and any presentations you make or submit. Strong written skills may not be a specified requirement, but they show employers professionalism and attention to detail — the underlying traits that absolutely all jobs require.


Presentations, team meetings, cold calling and even lunch breaks all require some communication skills. Honing these skills is important on the job and shows employers your receptiveness to an audience and your ability to think on your feet.

In your job interview, establish yourself as a storyteller. Candidates who speak well and express themselves with memorable anecdotes demonstrate that they’re effective communicators.

Today, interviews are becoming less behavioural-based and more focused on storytelling. Recruiters want to learn more about you and less about situational events, so be sure that while you have a great background to share, you can also confidently speak about it. This can improve your chances of getting hired.


In 2011, 17.5% of Canadians were bilingual in English and French. In addition, 11.5% of Canadians spoke English and another language other than French — no surprise as Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. With the globalization of many businesses, companies are communicating with clients and employees from one side of the world to the other. Multilingual appeal is of growing importance to recruiters.

That said, don’t walk into an interview greeting hiring managers in all of the languages you speak. A great place to share your bilingual abilities is by adding it to your application, and noting how they may have been leveraged in your previous experience. If the interviewer asks you about it, this can also open the opportunity to share when and how you picked up the language, which could definitely add some personality to your interview.


Employers are always looking for individuals who show initiative, are curious and motivated to learn. Show that you’re the one who’ll start an internal club, get more involved in the community, or implement change.

During the interview, you can emphasize initiative by going beyond what employers typically look for in an initial meeting. Consider building a portfolio or creating a mini demo of a future company project. This will give you another opportunity to demonstrate your skills and to stand out from other applicants.

Source: TORONTO SUN | Four job interview skills you need to become more hirable

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